You may recall the era of create blog today apply for adsene same day with limited contents and get adsense approval almost right away, that was great right!

What is the basis for getting adsense approve your application so you can start running revenue ads and earn some income as part time or as well full time today? 

Before I get on with adsense let me brief you about another Google programme called Adword.

I will break it down in simple language, you have product to sell online or offline, you profit is $1 per transaction you need one thousand transaction to earn your one thousand dollar profit, remember they are billion of users over the internet who need you product(s) but you can not reach them all alone, so who can help you achieve your maximum transaction? Google put together a programme (ADWORD) which extends your products and services to the billion users over the internet.

With Adword you pay Google some amount per click or impression for the Billion persons who will attract you products and service. In order for Google to reach those billion customers for you they engage on a programme of our discussion ADSENSE. Remember google alone can achieve traffic but not as much as using adsense for content, so every ads you see belong to a person or organization who pays google for such content.

ADSENSE: In adword you pay google for advertising your products and services while in the case of adsense google pay you for advertising their content that is the logic.
Now you have some hints on how adsense work so lets move on to how to apply and get your application approve. First you need a website, blog or hubpages fully functioning, second you need a google account or have an e-mail with reputable website.
If you have a blog or hubpages then you can apply through blogger or hubpages, but if you have your own personal website, you have to logon to adsense in order to apply.   

APPROVAL: Google reserve the right to determine those they consider qualified for the programme and those not qualified, but I will give you hints that work.  

Blogger: When you create blog with google it must be fully integrated and contained relevant contents, in some cases it’s advice to run such blog for at least six months (in some country) before applying for adsense.

Hubpages: When you create Hubpages it must contained relevant contents, photos, captivating contents, run such Hub for six months or less before applying for adsense.

Personal Website: Ensure that your site is fully functioning not one page site, include privacy policy, sitemap, good content and no pornographic images, avoid sub-domain meanwhile google reserved some administrative right to disapprove any application deem not suitable to their advertisers.

Adsense Approval: when you adsense is approve there are things you must avoid; don't click on your ads or instigate person(s) to click on your ads, read google policy careful  

Disapproval: If you violate google adsense policy googe reserved the right to disable your account for any violation made through your site and return and money to their advertisers.
WELCOME TO MIKE’S WORLD OF ADVERTS As we all know advertising is a keynote to successful sale, But it will also interest you to think about the Objectives of Advertising, Avert is designed to achieve any, if not all the following goals: · It help to improve the image of your company · It increases sale of the product, more sale are made when a product is advertised · It introduces a new product · Advertising supports personal selling. When goods are openly advertised it makes the job of salesmen easy as people quickly recollect the message about the product · By advert people who are not accessible to the sales force could be contacted · It is used as a weapon to counteract the activities of competition and neutralize any prejudice. Though, there are different kinds of advertisement, such as:
INSTITUTIONAL ADVERTISING: which is aimed at creating goodwill and a good image for the company, and as well as the product
MEDIA ADVERTISING: this refers to the different means of advertising। There are newspaper, magazines, direct mail, television, outdoor and the internet which we can never over emphasized
Consequently, I have personally created this blog in order for me, not to only help you with good ideas of advertising, but also help you advertise your Products and Services. For further insight on advertising and how you can improve in your sales, contact:


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